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Tebori is an ancient artform of Japanese drawing used for implanting pigment into the skin (tattoo).  It has been very popular in Asia and Europe for many years and has recently become available in the United States.  It is best suited to create fine detail such as hairstrokes for eyebrows.  It is not suitable for eyeliner and lips.  This technique is also referred to as microstroking or microblading.

What you need to know . . .


1.  Microblading uses tiny groups of needles which etch the pigment into the skin.


2.  Although microblading is very popular it is not suitable for everyone.  The artist needs to carefully consider the skin type, color and shape for each individual.


3.  Shading is also an option that can be done with microblading for a softer look.


4.  Both methods require a healing process with a touch up most likely 45 to 60 days after the initial procedure.


5.  Ask your artist to show you several pictures of their work.  Make sure they are able to choose the correct style and shape.  All brows should not look the same!

More details . . .


Although Tebori can be used on most skin types, it looks incredible on healthy, smooth skin.   The finished procedure should last between 1 and 2 years before requiring a touch up to refresh the color.  Oily skin may require a touch up sooner.


A topical anesthetic will be applied for minimal to no discomfort.


Because the detail is the result of contrast between the hairstroke and the skin, it is not recommended to do this procedure over areas that have an old pre-existing cosmetic tattoo.  There are some exceptions, but laser tattoo or saline removal is generally recommended before doing this procedure.

Photo Gallery

Meet Aly who is in her last year of school.  With her busy schedule she wanted to save time by not needing to apply makeup to her light, thinning brows every morning.   She wanted her brows to be slightly reshaped, yet appear full and natural.


The top pictures are images before her semi-permanent makeup.  The bottom left is her retouch and the last image is fully healed.


Such a beautiful girl!

She will never have brows without an arch again.  Her new brows have taken 10 years off her age.

Tebori:  The Japanese Art of Pigment Etching

Brow Shapes and Corrections

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Service Fees . . .

Inital Consultation            $100.00    (applied to procedure if

                                                               within 30 days)

Design & Service:              $550.00    (60 day touch up $150.00)

Hairstroke only

Design & Service:              $800.00  (includes two touchups 

Hairstroke + Powder                         within 90 days)


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