1.  "I have a habit of rubbing my eyes . . . . . should I get extensions anyway?"

answer:  In all honesty, probably not.  They are delicate and should be touched sparingly.


2.  "I don't have many of my natural lashes, will extensions make them full and luxurious?"

answer:  Done correctly, i.e., one extension applied to one natural lash, you will have  approxiately twice the amount of your natural lashes.  I will take a picture of your lashes before we start so we can monitor how your natural lashes are holding up after future touch ups.


3.  "What do I need to do on my end?"

answer:  Wait 24 hours after an application before showering.  Oil or products containing oil are the enemy because it breaks down the adhesive.  When showering tilt your head back while rinsing shampoo and conditioner.  Don't brush them when they are wet.  Pat once, allow to dry and arrange carefully if necessary.  Remember, they are delicate and should be touched as little as possible.


4.  "Can I wear mascara on my extensions?"

answer:  Yes, but they won't last as long and will require more frequent touch ups.  Remember, every time it is applied and removed you are moving them and weakening the bond.  Isn't that the reason you are getting extensions?  (I personally don't mind applying mascara but I hate removing it.)


5.  "Why are extensions on some girls so thick and black . . . . can I have those?"

answer:  Sure, but I don't recommend it for long term use.  To get that look, several lashes are applied to one lash.  It put's a lot of weight and stress on your natural lashes and if done for an extensive period of time you will damage your lashes.  Most technicans won't tell you that.  That is another reason why I take pictures - to make sure all is well with your natural lashes.  I have some very scary pictures of lash disasters from other technicians.  With a little bit of monitoring you can have the best of both worlds!










Yes, men wear them too!   Most don't go around batting their eyes to show them off, but they do know we enjoy looking at beautiful eyes.   Others, in a professional field including outside sales, want to make sure they are on top of their game when appearances count.


Their lashes are different, shorter with less curl.  Sometimes they prefer brown instead of black.  They also wear considerably less than we do which is the reason the cost is less than half.