Tips for your skin

Dry Skin

Now that summer is here and we are wearing "less",  we need to amp up our exfoliating and hydrating.  Usually a good loofa or scrubby in the shower will do the trick.  Make sure there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in your shower gel.  That is the same ingredient used in industrial cleaners and will dry out your skin.  It is also considered toxic by many researchers.  After your shower when your skin is still damp,  apply your lotion immediately afterwards.  Choose a lotion that contains Vitamin E, calendula and blueberry oils.  They will create an occlusive barrier to keep the moisture in and keep your skin soft and supple.  Many lotions use various forms of petroleum such as mineral oil which is inexpensive (not recommended) and will not induce healing, but at least will create a barrier.

Facial Masks

Feeling a bit dehydrated these days?  Take your favorite facial mask and add one teaspoon of honey to it before applying.  Honey is a great humectant and after removing, your skin will feel moist and hydrated . . . . . or simply use honey by itself.

Holistic, drinkable sunscreen

This is not a typo!   A technology that can imprint radio-waves onto water molecules.  It has the ability to stack thousands of frequencies on to one molecule.   Several other treatment options are available because of this ability to stack these frequencies.  Rather than wait for a gradual improvement with some of these waters, I decided to try the UV Sunscreen because I would know within 4-5 hours.  I would either be protected or burned if I was not wearing traditional sunscreen.  A friend of mine (whose skin is as white as the driven snow) went  whale watching in the middle of the ocean from 12:30 to 3:00.  No sunscreen whatsoever.  Five hours later we both turned slightly pink and then it converted into a light tan.  There was no sensitivity whatsoever to the sun.   Some people like to take it for a test drive first by just omitting sunscreen on one arm while leaving conventional sunscreen on the rest of the body (just to be on the safe side first.)  Seeing is believing!   The products are guaranteed or your money will be returned. 


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